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Implement simulation

For part and mold-designer as well as for project manager and quality manager

为了满足塑料部件开发和生产的日益增长的需要,必须使用有限元模拟(流变学或结构分析)。To fulfill the increasing needs in development and production of plastic parts the use of finite element simulation (rheology or structural analysis) is essential. 最重要的任务是以最少的资源,最低的价格,生产出高质量的塑料部件。The most important task is to produce high quality plastic parts with lowest need of precious resorces and low price. 零件设计师,处于整个过程的最开始。因此为零件成本承担主要责任。As part designer you are at the very beginning of the whole process. Therefore you bear the main load of the responsibility of part costs. 工作要求:Requirements to your work are:

  • Design geometry设计几何图
  • Check manufacturability检查可制造性
  • Ensure part function确保部件功能
  • Reduce part weight减少部件重量

为了满足部件开发的所有需求,在部件设计的同时需要模拟填充。To achieve all the needs of part developments filling simulation is needed in parallel to part design. 部件设计完成后,工具设计师开始他的工作。After the part design is optimally designed, the tool designer begins his work. 模具设计师,要对生产过程中的周期时间、尺寸稳定性以及生产过程的稳定性负责。As mold designer you are responsible for cycle time, dimensional stability of the produced part as well as for the process stability during production. 工作要求:Requirements to your work are:

  • Selection of runner system选择浇道系统
  • Layout of an efficient cooling system设计高效的冷却系统
  • Reduce cycle time减少周期时间
  • Determine shrinkage and warpage决定收缩和翘曲

分析冷却布局和与模具设计平行的部件翘曲,确定立即的关键点并进行优化。Analysing the cooling layout and the warpage of the part in parallel to the mold design identify immediately critical points and lead to optimizations.

作为项目经理,需要在整个开发和生产过程中加强工作流程。其中关键的一点就是减少因修改已完成模具而造成的时间损失。使用模拟后,模具制作完成后直接能投入使用而不需要进一步修改的可能性大大提高。可能出现的问题通过模拟被提前预知并预防了。As project manager you need to tighten the work flow within the whole development and production process. One critical thing is to minimize time loss due to modifications an a finished mold. Due to consequent use of simulation the chances are high that a mold can be used without any further changes. Possible threats are known upfront and can be taken care of.

高效的生产和稳定的生产质量是质量经理的职责。前面的模拟已经指出了可能的周期时间和制造所需的过程窗口。评估的数据将与来自生产的信息进行比较,以确保一个有利可图的过程。An efficient production and a stable quality of produced pars are the responsibilities of the quality manager. Foregoing simulation did already point out possible cycle times and the required process window for manufacturing. Evaluated data will be compared with information from production to ensure a profitable process.

“我们密切关注我们正在进行的所有项目的模拟结果。我们使用模拟服务来增强我们的知识,并确保客户生产盈利“。“We take a close look to simulation results for all projects that we are working on. We use simulation service to enhance our know how and ensure profitable production”