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Design consulting

As soon as your first 3D data set of the part you want to create is finished, you can use our design consultancy.
Based on the data of your first draft, our engineers will perform a feasibility analysis taking into account the entire follow-up process.
You benefit from the judgment, expertise and many years of practical experience of our team.
This provides you with valuable information to continue your design process and without costly detours.
Structural Analysis Simulation - Plexpert
Plexpert Simulation

Structural analysis

Forces might be applied to the part while it is in use.
If this is the case, it is vital to understand where high stresses might occur in order to make sure the part will not break.
For example:
The orientation of glass fibers in a plastic material can change the location of the highest stress dramatically.
Therefore, it is vital to do a structural analysis in parallel to part design.
A weld line in an area with high stress during the usage of the part will likely lead to a failure of the part.
Such things can be easily avoided with a simple simulation at the right time.
If it comes to a mold, sliders and cores will be deformed under the force of the injection pressure.
The level of deformation is important to know since the wall thickness of the part can be influenced.
A high stress on a core might break it.
Or a locking of a slider might fail if it is not designed properly and high stresses occur.

Plexpert Simulation


After the initial part design is finished, it is a good practice to do a filling simulation.
This will provide important information about where a gate could be positioned and how the melt will flow.
As a result, the part designer will learn where weld lines might occur.
The thickness of the part can be changed to reduce the part weight and hence reduce cycle time as well.
With a filling simulation, 60% of all critical points can be checked and eliminated to ensure good part quality.

Plexpert Simulation

Runner system

After the part design is optimized, the gate location needs to be checked and the runner system shall be defined.
The discussion about the runner system can be considered the interface between part and mold designer. It needs to be decided if a cold runner or hot runner system shall be used.
The pros and cons of each system, as well as the additional pressure drop, can be determined by using simulation.

Plexpert Simulation


In mold design, the cooling layout needs to be specified. A homogeneous temperature of the part surface is desired.
A simulation will show how effective a given cooling layout will work.
Hot spots can be identified and alternative materials to remove heat out of critical areas can be tested.
At the end, the total cycle time of the process can be found as a result.

Plexpert Simulation


The most valuable result from this simulation is to see how the part solidifies.
This is a good indication to understand if sink marks or voids might occur.
In parallel, it will become clear where high shrinkage will take place and might lead to warpage.

Plexpert Simulation


Certainly, one of the main problems in the production of plastic parts is warpage.
There are several causes that can lead to a deformation of the plastic part as soon as it is ejected out of the mold.
With simulation, one can determine the cause of warpage and can counteract with different strategies in order to minimize the effect.
This is done parallel to part and mold design since there are all freedoms in this stage of the process needed to solve warpage problems.

Plexpert Simulation


This is the first step from simulation to industrialization.
Of course, we can create a prototype for you based on CAD data.
But we go one step further and provide you with a prototype based on the simulation results.
The special thing about this is that you will get a part including shrinkage and warpage as it will be seen after injection molding.
We deliver the prototype parts as FDM, photopolymer (Resin) or PU part (vacuum casting).
Do the first step into fabrication.

Plexpert Simulation

Self service of Full expertise consulting

No matter if you want to do simulations by yourself or looking for a consultant.
You are at the right place talking to us.

As re-seller, we offer the world leading 3D software for customers who want to use simulation inside their own company. Together, we will find the best package for your needs and support your team in using the software most efficiently.

As a consultant, we offer the full range of 2.5D as well as 3D simulation and support with our knowledge based on countless projects already done.
We understand your needs and make proposals of how things can be optimized.
With this, you will profit from our deep understanding of the whole process and our decades of experience.

Plexpert Simulation


Very often filling and warpage simulations are requested.
They include the simulations of runner and the packing phase of course.

Regardless what kind of simulation is needed, we offer a complete documentation and description of all the important facts on a part and mold.
You can check the shop section and find a example report to see how things are done.

Even if no report is wanted, we describe all results and offer suggestions in communication with our customers.
This is parallel to the delivery of the results of the simulation done to ensure high transparency and best part quality.