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使用高效软件的必要性在今天是不言而喻的。但只有少数可用的软件包是专门用于塑料工程的。The need to use efficient software is self-evident today. But only a few of the available software packages are dedicated to plastic engineering.
特定行业的解决方案是罕见的,但需要满足现代塑料零件生产的要求。Industry-specific solutions are rare but needed to fullfil the requirements to modern plastic part production.

我们开发面向过程控制的解决方案来填补这个空白。我们的专业知识,和与客户的密切沟通确保了我们软件产品能取得最佳的实际应用效果。We develop process oriented solutions to fill this gap. Our know how and the intense communication with our customers ensure best practical use of our software products.
简单易用,高效快速地集成到现有的工作流中。这是我们工作的指导方针。Simple to use, highly efficient and fast to be integrated into an existing workflow. These are the guidlines for our work.

PLEXPERT Wizard V5.2, 7,7MBFree of charge viewer to display 3D simulation results. The animation of the filling process as well as the deformation of plastic parts are visualized. This enables users to take advantage of this knowledge to optimize the part and mold development.



We sell the world wide leading simulation software for injection moulding. The simplicity of the software ensure the immediate use in parallel to the ongoing part and mold design.
Besides standard simulation like filling, cooling, warpage, it is possible to simulate a high number of other processes like GIT, WIT, MuCell, and so on.
Please contact us to get a free Version of the software for internal tests and validation.




People working with simulation software know that once in a while additonal calculations are needed. This is why we developed our PLEXPERT-SIM App for Android user. It’s simple to calculate equivalent diameter, change units, etc.
The App is free of charge and available through the Google Play Store.





With this webbased solution a expandable know how database is available. Besides the already stored solutions for commont problems in injection molding it’s possible to enter own data.
Know How will stay within the company. Set up man and quality manager will find structured solutions to solve problems within production in short time.
The free test version of DiagBes (20MB) present solutions for two common technical problems known in injection moulding, extrusion and PUR manufactioring. Please note that the software is in German right now.


“To make the daily work of our customers easier and safer is the reason of our success”